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Please add a new Symmetric Algorithm

Topics: Feature Requests
Aug 18, 2016 at 11:20 PM
Add a new completely independent symmetric cipher from "standards bodys" that set standards who knows based on what... and if DES and Dual_EC_DRBG (and probably NIST EC 256 and NIST EC 384 ) shows any thing, is that they are more than willing to add bad stuff just to please the spy community.

There is a program called "Academic Signature" ( ) that has a cipher called "Chimera", Source code available here: description from is "Read me" ( page:

«Chimera is what it says, it is a chimera of two algorithms. In fact it is a pile of the threefish cipher xored with a single branch fleas_x, applied in counter mode. I introduced that cipher to address several possible security concerns.
1.) Threefish is a nice cipher, yet it is a conventional substitution permutation network designed by a group of people who partially live under US jurisdiction and one of them even is employed by Microsoft. Let me call this a social concern.
2.) Threefish has a rather regular, simple structure and has a fixed mixing pattern, which some cryptographers view as a potential vulnerability. This point is purely technical.
3.) Although Threefish has a larger block size and a larger key space than other conventional ciphers, in my view they are still too small.
4.) Flightx or my other newly developed algorithms are of a completely different type than traditional ciphers and have to my knowledge not yet been rigorously attacked by other cryptographers.
5.) I am completely unknown in the cryptographic community. This point and partially also the last one are social concerns again.

A pile or a "chimera" of these two algorithms is at least as secure as Threefish. If my Flighx were completely trivial to crack (it is obviously not), the security would reduce to the security of Threefish. If Threefish were trivial to break (it has been rigorously studied in the SHA3 competition), we had still the security of flightx. If both would contain slight vulnerabilities, the chimera would still be completely secure. I like to think of these algorithms as fighters, covering each others back in the Chimera. Flightx brings the large block size, the large key size (4 kilobit) and the key dependent mixing pattern. Threefish brings the fame of its developers and the speedy diffusion of a substitution permutation network. Flightx can be used singly pathed since Threefish is used in place of the second path. This is sufficient to block "backtracing" and allows enhanced speed. Thus Chimera is somewhat faster than a full two pathed Flightx, but (of course) is slower than its component Threefish alone.»

If there is a problem with the license, just talk to the author as it seems available to change it, if it is necessary has long has it is for something with its source open like it is VeraCrypt.