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Jul 29, 2016 at 12:34 PM
This query is too obvious not to have an answer, but I don't know the answer.

Would it not be possible to have VeraCrypt available for minuscule cost, say US$1.50 per version download, rather than the developer(s) surviving on the small number of users who provide a donation?
Jul 29, 2016 at 3:49 PM
Many people in oppressive countries will not want to have to identify themselves (via payment) that they are using VeraCrypt.

People in non oppressive countries also like to fly below the radar, so payment via credit card etc is a none option. The use of TOR and Linux operating systems is now considered subversive by some governments, what would they make of VeraCrypt users ?

Bitcoin is not as anonymous as many people believe.

You would also have to make VeraCrypt closed source, which is a massive FAIL for security software.

Once you start go down the road of privacy for a price, you ruin the good will many users have for a given project. Then you also lose the right sort of motivation for code contributors. Bug finders will start to want to be paid etc. Squabbling over funds will quickly follow and free fork projects using the open source, will spring up everywhere.

It's true, it seems unfair Mounir does not receive the payment he is due for his work. I hope he receives more paid work in his day job because grateful VeraCrypt users promote his business for him.

If you are able to donate $1.50 every time you download then please do so, but please don't insist others expose themselves to dangers you have not considered.

I truly wish Mounir received more money for his excellent work. The best way would be for a company to sponsor him, so users would not have to be directly identified as contributors. If you want to help the project then ask companies to get involved to sponsor Mounir. For example, I think some of the flash drive manufacturers should offer something so they can include a copy of VeraCrypt with their products.

Large well funded sponsors would be better than small contributions from paranoid and often vulnerable users.

I hope Mounir enjoys the massive gratitude his users have for his work, even though it is not demonstrated financially. Lets hope there is such a thing as Karma and Mounir is befitting from it.