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Mount Error

Topics: Technical Issues
Jul 1, 2016 at 9:55 PM
I have been using TrueCrypt for years; just discovered that their was an alternative; so I installed it.

I run a VM server from an encrypted external USB hard drive every few weeks or so; and have had very few issues when it was TC; however since my upgrade to VC, I have suffered several crashes.

Rebuilding the servers OS is not an issue; I do that from time to time anyways. What my problem is, is with VC dropping out without cause. By this, I mean, I can run my VM server for awhile; but then suddenly, I get an error stating that the volume cannot be found. Then it crashes the VM.

I know this to not be VMware as when I use Windows Explorer to delete the log and cache files; it to give me an error. These errors resolve themselves once I unmount and remount the VC volume...

This occurs when actively being used or not. There are no VC settings enabled to dismount the volume except when the main machine goes into power save mode or when the user logs off; which neither are the case here.