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Newbie to encrypt several partitions, multiboot

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Jul 1, 2016 at 7:02 PM
and greetings to all members, my newbie post, coming from DiskCryptor (shame on me...)

On a machine three harddisks are running, configuration pls see VC's screenshot:

Boot partition is hd1/1, its an multiboot system with Win7 and Win10.
Win10 system is located in hd0/2 (V:)
Win7 system is located in hd/1/2 (C:) => will be VC encrypted
Data partitions are hd2/1 (D:) and hd2/2 (I:) => will be VC encrypted

Some questions:
Is it possible to encrypt partitions C:/D:/I: without encrypting the boot partiton hd1/1?
Drive letters C:/D:/I: will be kept?
Win10 shall not be encrypted, will multiboot work?
What's about the performance, compared to DiskCryptor? Any measurement available about this comparison especially with small files?

Thanks a lot, best regards, p.