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Trouble with PIM

Topics: Technical Issues
May 28, 2016 at 12:06 PM
I installed Veracrypt on my laptop. I had been using Truecrypt. I decided to uninstall Truecrypt after installing Veracrypt. Before uninstalling Truecrypt, I uninstalled Veracrypt and received a message that uninstall was successful. I then shut down my laptop. When I restarted it, I saw that Veracrypt was apparently still installed. It asked for my password and PIM. I put in my password but I had not created a PIM. Yet it asked for a PIM.

a. What number do I put in for the PIM since I had not specified one?
b. I tried typing in "0" at the PIM line and I got a message that my password was being verified. After 30-60 minutes I got a message that my password was incorrect. I carefully had typed in the password so I know it's correct.

I did create a recovery disk but I don't know how to use it to access my computer.

What do I do so I can get past the password and PIM to access my computer?
May 28, 2016 at 3:51 PM

I have some questions to help understand what happen to your system which may lead to a solution.

It appears that you were using TrueCrypt for system encryption of your OS drive/partition.

Did you permanently decrypt the OS drive/partition before removing TrueCrypt software?

You installed the VeraCrypt software and encrypted the OS drive/partition using VeraCrypt?

Did you create the recovery disk using TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt software?

Which version of VeraCrypt did you install?

I thought both TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt would give a warning if you try to uninstall the software while still using system encryption. Did you uninstall the software or merely delete the software file using Windows Explorer?

You can leave the PIM blank or enter zero if you created the system encryption using VeraCrypt the default PIM. Since you entered zero and the password/PIM was rejected, try hitting F5 on the bootloader screen to display/hide the password and PIM values to make sure the information is correct.