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Best way to Backup/Reinstall Windows 7 for Decoy OS during Hidden OS creation process?

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May 16, 2016 at 8:56 AM

I'm seeking advise regarding the best way to backup my Windows 7 Professional installation so that I can reinstall it to the C: primary partition after VeraCrypt migrates the hidden operating system to the secondary partition during the "Create Hidden Operating System" process. This C: re-installation as I understand it would then become the Decoy Operating System.

Like most people I bought a laptop with Windows pre-installed. I have no OEM CD. I have created system restoration image media and a boot disk, but my understanding of the process is that you cannot restore to a single specific partition using this method. I have also used Acronis to backup the installation to a 15gb thumb drive, but my attempt to restore that backup to a secondary partition as a test prior to encryption resulted in an infinite boot loop which could only be resolved by deleting the offending partition. Boot disk repair of the MBR did not help this.

I also attempted to download an official Windows 7 ISO copy from Microsoft directly, however this resulted in a non-specific error message no matter which valid product key I used and I have read that this is the case for everyone who tries the DL. Windows 8.1 and 10 can be downloaded but apparently the Windows 7 link is some kind of sham?

I have a 15gb thumb drive and CD/DVD burning capability. How best proceed with the resources I have available?