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Is this the correct sequence you encounter when creating a Rescue Disk for a Hidden OS?

Topics: Technical Issues
May 9, 2016 at 7:40 PM
Hi Fellow VC users and VC admin,

I would like to ask if the following is the correct sequence that you will do or encounter when creating a Rescue Disk during the process of setting up a Hidden OS. The reason I asked because in another thread VC admin Idrassi told me that I should already have the Rescue Disk after I created Outer System, but I did not. Am I doing anything wrong here? Idrassi, if you also see this, there is anohter updated post in that thread about the Evil Maid message and another VC user has also experienced the same thing (about that Evil Maid message) as me, and also VC only promted him to create the Resue Disk when it was time to create the Decoy OS, but not just after creating the Outer System.


So fellow VC users, I wonder if you went through the same sequence as me when creating a Hidden OS, and VC only promted you to create the Rescue Disk when creating the Decoy OS? Or VC already prompted you to create the Rescue Disk just after creating the Outer System? Thanks.

My procedure of creating the Hidden OS.

1) Create Outer System.
2) After creating the Outer System, TC/VC prompted me to create the Hidden OS.
3) After creating the Hidden OS, TC/VC prompted me to delete the original Windows 7.
4) After deleting the original Windows 7, I installed a new copy of Windows 7 as the decoy OS and installed VC on it again. Then VC will ask me to create the Rescue Disk JUST BEFORE encrypting the DECOY OS.
May 24, 2016 at 9:08 AM
Dear fellow VC users,

I think many VC users have experience in creating a VC hidden system and so many must have gone through creating a Rescue Disk in such a case. It has been 2 weeks and there is no reply yet and any chance that a few VC users can input some of their experience here? Thanks a lot.