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OS X 10.11 - Can't open Veracrypt with a non-admin account

Topics: Feature Requests, Technical Issues
Mar 21, 2016 at 4:35 AM
My environment uses least privilege, but I can't use VeraCrypt on an encrypted non-system partition without logging out and back in as an admin account. I get this when double-clicking to open:
Failed to obtain administrator privileges: Sorry, try again.
I also can't launch by using the following:
su adminaccount
open -a
When I try it that way, it sits in the dock and bounces. The output from Console when attempting to run it as the admin account in Terminal:
3/20/16 11:24:51.111 PM lsd[333]: LaunchServices: Could not store lsd-identifiers file at /private/var/db/lsd/
Is there any intention of adding this capability? I need to use the device cross-platform, and prefer to use a full partition rather than a file.