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Randomness collected from Mouse Movements indicator bar

Topics: Technical Issues
Mar 14, 2016 at 3:10 AM
Edited Mar 14, 2016 at 10:54 PM
Thank you, Mr. Idrassi and anyone else who had a hand in it for the "Randomness collected from Mouse Movements" indicator bar in 1.17.

Is there any way to know, in some practical sense, just how much it is telling us?

For example, if we specify and hold other variables constant - such as a 10 gigabyte crypt, Serpent(twofish(AES)), SHA512, a 64 character random pass - can we say something like:

-bar turns green - good enough to defeat your kid sister
-bar gets half way across - good enough to defeat the NSA
-bar get all the way across - good enough to defeat a future adversary who had turned all the mass in the Oort cloud into quantum computers and focuses on you for a century


And would the answers be similar when we change any of those variables? For example, would the bar going all the way to the right indicate about the same level of security for a 1 terabyte crypt that it would for a 100 mb crypt?

I think when I first played with Scram Disk it took about 20 minutes of pointer movement before it popped up some kind of "Enough Already!" message and hard drives were much smaller then. I've made 2 test crypts with 1.17, one 50 mb & one 50 gb, and in both cases the pointer zipped all the way across in less than a minute. The manual says "at least 30 seconds is recommended", but also still says "the longer . . . the better" and I'm trying to get some concrete sense of just how much longer is how much better. Presumably, we can take the indicator bar as a reasonable minimum, but at what point does further movement become insane OCD-ish overkill? An hour? 4 hours a day for a week?

Do interruptions in mouse movement matter? For example is 30 seconds of mouse movement, followed by 30 minutes of no movement, followed by another 30 seconds of movement, the same as 60 seconds of movement?

I'd appreciate hearing anyone's thoughts on these subjects.

Thanks again to all devs. You are true modern Knights of Liberty.