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Can I revert back to TrueCrypt usage after VeraCrypt usage?

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Jan 21, 2016 at 9:38 AM
Assume I have a couple of TrueCrypt file containers and external usb hard disk TrueCrypt partitions.

Now I want to evaluate VeraCrypt. As far as I know VeraCrypt is able to access these good old TrueCrypt containers/partitions.

But what if I decide later to revert back to TrueCrypt usage?
Or I want to access these containers fom other TC installations on computers as well.
Can I do this without problems?

I can imagine that VeraCrypt possibly modify/auto-convert irreversibly these old TrueCrypt containers/harddisk so that users cannot go back to TrueCrypt later.

Can you confirm that I can arbitrarily switch from TrueCrypt to VeraCrypt and vice versa
as many times as I like?

Thank you
Jan 21, 2016 at 11:42 AM
You can use TC containers/partitions in veracrypt (with compatibility mode checked) and go back to TC as long as you don't change the password. After changing the password from veracpryt, truecrypt won't be able to mount and there's no way back (except creating new container and copying data from one to another).

I wasn't sure too, but after some improvements introduced in VC version 1.17 (beta), I'm happy with that and using it daily. I don't feel any difference between veracrypt and truecrypt, except longer mount time, which can be reduced to minimum with optional PIM. It is a good program and Mounir is doing perfect job, VC works flawlessly also under heavy load (torrent and heavy file copying).
Jan 21, 2016 at 3:43 PM
You can install both VeraCrypt and TrueCrypt on the same PC. Create a small test file container to evaluate VeraCrypt since opening TrueCrypt volumes in VeraCrypt using the TrueCrypt Mode will not provide you with increased mount times due to the higher iterations performed on the VeraCrypt hash functions or how to adjust the mount times using VeraCrypt PIM feature.

As testoslav stated, you can mount the TC volumes in VC. There is no auto conversion process. In order to convert the TC to VC, you would use the Volume Tools to change the password, keyfiles or hash function in order to convert the TC volume to VC volume. See link below.

If you make external file backup of the TrueCrypt header key using TrueCrypt before converting to VeraCrypt, should you decide to revert back to TrueCrypt, you can by using TrueCrypt to restore the header key from the external backup file located in the Volume Tools.

I hope this clears-up and confusion. :-)