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Suggestions for (problems with) "Auto-Mount Devices"

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Jan 20, 2016 at 10:41 AM

When I create Windows volume on removable media, I can assign letter (e.g. X) to this volume.
When I attach this media next time, Windows will use the letter assigned by me X.

When I create VeraCrypt volume, there is no way to assign letter.
When I use "Auto-Mount Devices" VeraCrypt will not preserve the letter (it can start assigning letters starting from L or starting from Q or starting from Y).

So, VeraCrypt does not perform well if I want the same volume to have always the same letter.

Requested feature:
Allow to assign letter to VeraCrypt volume like I can do it for Windows volume


When I mount Favorite volumes Veracrypt remembers PIM.

Requested feature:
Allow to remember PIM for "Auto-Mount Devices"

I understand that remembering PIM reduces security.
However, it's always a compromise between security and usability.
Entering PIM requires a lot of additional actions.
It is inconvenient.
Let's put it another way:
Entering PIM requires around 3 seconds additional.
What is more secure: to spend these 3 seconds entering PIM or to spend these 3 seconds entering additional 10 password characters?
Jan 20, 2016 at 7:50 PM
One idea I have to try to accomplish the goal of VeraCrypt remembering which drive letter you want to use for "Auto-Mount Devices" is to match the partition/device to any entries in the System Favorites and Favorites. If found and the desired drive letter is still available, mount that volume using the drive letter defined in the Favorites and using the possible custom PIM. If not found in the Favorites, use next available drive letter since you may not want a list of all your VeraCrypt volumes in a file and Mounir has previously stated that he will not change the header format.

Regarding your request for remembering the PIM for "Auto-Mount Devices", Mounir, the developer has previously rejected attempting to store the PIM in the volume header. However, my idea above may be a possible solution.

See the section "Auto-Mount Devices" in the documentation to learn how VeraCrypt tries all partitions and devices to mount.