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64GB on VC?

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Dec 24, 2015 at 1:59 PM
Hello all,

and happy whatever-doesnt-offend-you. I have a specific question on migrating to VC, and i apologize for not having searched the forum beforehand :)

Right now im running a 32GB Corsair Flash Survior Stealth thumbdrive on TC 7.1 (whole partition), and since it's running out of space, im going to buy the 64GB model.

I'm planning to use VC rather than TC for it, decrypting everything before and recrypting it with VC. So here are my questions:
  • Is there anything i should consider before i start, like, rather buy another drive?
  • Will VC be able to handle a 64GB partition? Or rather use a container?
  • Anything on formatting? NTFS / standard size ok?
  • Im running Win7Pro 64, ok as well?
Sorry for my noobish questions and the lack of some interpunction :)
Dec 28, 2015 at 10:17 AM
Hi, don't worry, you have pretty standard requirements, it will work. VC works on much bigger partitions or flash drives, I have enctypted my portable 1TB and it works fine. You don't have to decrypt and reencrypt your existing flash, just change the password in VC (tick truecrypt mode), then choose new PKCS-5, pick the new password and you will be converted from TC to VC. I'd consider buying a bigger drive though or maybe even a hard drive - transcend external gummy drives are fast and reliable ;-)

Btw. happy whatever does not offend you, lol :-) You civilized people are so correct, that no wonder you are meant to be overrun by eastern zombies ;-)
Dec 28, 2015 at 8:13 PM
Hey, thx for the reply. Good to hear! I'd stick to a thumbdrive, since it has to fit on my keychain and into my pocket. Guess an HD won't ;)

Happy wdnoy: Here's where its from