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Topics: Technical Issues
Oct 16, 2015 at 5:28 PM
So I was decrypting my hard drive, but it said that the drive is corrupt. I ignored that, and l let it continue to decrypt. I waited for two days, but nothing changed. It didn't go over 11%. So I thought a factory reset would do the trick. but then it said that it couldn't access the recovery files. So then I put in the rescue disk and decrypted it. but every time I start up, it tells me that the hard disk is damaged, press f1 to continue. Then i'm back at the boot launcher. Once I gained access to my PC, there is no trace of VeraCrypt. But when I start up, it gives me the same message about the hard disk, then the VeraCrypt boot launcher, Then I gain access to my computer. Is there any way for me fix this? Thanks for reading this and have a great day!