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Failed to mount Truecrypt volume

Topics: Technical Issues
Oct 1, 2015 at 11:21 AM
When I try to mount a TC volume, I always get error message 6948 (wrong password etc.). Password and keyfile is correct, Truecrypt-mode is checked, tried automatic detection or selected HMAC-RIPEMD-160 manually, no difference.

Password contains letters, numbers and special characters

Properties of the volume:
size 37 MB, hidden, not write protected, protection not available, AES, keys 256 Bit, 256 Bit, block size 128 Bit, mode XTS, HMAC-RIPEMD-160, version 1, no embedded header backup

The volume can be mounted by TC without any problem. A TC encrypted drive could be opened by VeraCrypt.

Windows 7/64
Oct 1, 2015 at 4:46 PM
Thank you for details. That was very helpful! :-)

The key piece of information is "format 1". This indicates a version prior to TrueCrypt 6.0 version. VeraCrypt cannot open TrueCrypt volumes prior to 6.0 version due to a TrueCrypt header format change which will show in the properties as "format 2".

To my knowledge, there is no way to "upgrade" the header format in TrueCrypt. You would have to create a new volume using the 7.1a TrueCrypt version in order to mount the volume in both TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt.