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Sep 13, 2015 at 9:19 AM
Edited Sep 13, 2015 at 9:37 AM
Tried over at the SF forums but nothing seems to get posted so I'll try here.
  1. When mounting several volumes that dialog that pops up is very annoying "Please Wait.. This Process may take a long time and VeraCrypt may seem unresponsive" can we get an option to disable it or move it to a trayicon popup.
  2. for the portable version can we get an option to start with windows (minimized)
  3. Support for TCG OPAL SSD SED (Self Encrypting Drives) to manage the boot loader / encryption (see project "r0m30/msed" - something similar could be done with VC)
  4. Quick unmount / mount feature, this option could remove the drive letters from the OS and prompt for the last 3 digits of password or maybe a keyfile to quickly re-mount the drives, this is much more secure then leaving the drives mounted all the time and avoids the problem of unmounting and typing in a 256 char password + the unusually long wait time -
    (this will weaken security but I think it would be a nice compromise for people who need quick access to the drives and still avoid snoopers around home / office )
    (my idea comes from a program called KeePass2Android, where you can quickly access the DB by last 3 letters of password, one fail it makes you re-open DB from scratch.)-very useful
  5. Option to erase headers / backup header in all favorite volumes , then quickly re-create new generic headers with pre-defined/set passwords this way you can still provide a password to whoever needs it and open a clean volume (maybe have an option to copy files over too)
    ^ this would be useful if you needed to share a hard drive or drives with a friend / whoever and you have nothing of use on it but it might contain emails browser cache ..etc so this would quickly make it clean for next user to use on VC enabled systems.