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Cloud backup questions

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Apr 2, 2015 at 3:55 PM
I am very new to encryption and looking for some help. Thanks in advance.
  1. I use a program called Sugar Sync to automatically backup all my files, except it wont do outlook. What I like about Sugar Sync is I can access my files from my iPhone, if I am away from my desk and need to look something up. If I use VeraCrypt how will this affect my backup and accessing those files from my cell phone?
  2. I use Outlook and have years of data downloaded into emails. Does VeraCrypt encrypt my outlook files to keep someone from accessing those? ( I am not talking about encrypting emails to be sent across the internet to someone else. )
  3. This may not be a VeraCrypt question so if its not, please forgive me. Again, I am very new to exploring and learning about all this. I do obtain private information from people through email like scans of documents, etc. If someone wants to encrypt a document and send it to me, what is the best way to do that.
Apr 10, 2015 at 12:39 PM

1. VeraCrypt doesn't encrypt individual files but rather it creates a virtual drive backed by an encrypted container file. So, to protect your files, you need to copy them to the virtual drive mounted by VeraCrypt. To access your data from another machine, the encrypted container file that holds all the data should be copied to that machine. In your case, this would mean copying the container file to your iPhone and then use an application that supports VeraCrypt to mounted the container file and access your data. You can find such application on the app store although it is not free and it is not developed by us.
2. As explained above, VeraCrypt protects the data that is copied to the mounted virtual drive. So, if you can put your outlook files in VeraCrypt virtual drive, then it will be protected and it can't be used unless the correct password is used to mount the virtual drive again.
3. The best way to secure email exchanges is to use PGP keys. Once you create your own PGP key, share your public key with the others and they will able to encrypt emails for your. Since your are the only one to have the private key, no one other than you can read those emails. For Thunderbird, the addon Enigmail will do the job. There is also an addon for outlook (I think it is distributed by gpg4win).

Voilà voilà...I encourage you to read the documentation and follow the tutorials to understand how VeraCrypt works in real situations.