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crypted folder content

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Feb 21, 2015 at 1:51 PM
I am a truecrypt expert. One of the problems who I expect in truecrypt is that "containers" can only be opened from one user ... it is not possible to open a container two or more times in the same time. By example if the container is on a NAS it is not possible to open the container from more then one connected computer.

I want to have "crypted folders" where it is possible to open each file automatically with the same keyfile in this way it will be possible to work from computer no 1 on the fileaa.txt and from the computer no 2 on the file bb.txt. An alternative way will be to made possible that an open container can be accessed by multiple computers who have all the same keyfile on it.

Please do not say me that there is a possibility to crypt the whole hard-disk ... crypt a whole system disk is a very stupid idea ... and a very big security problem.