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Dual-boot Win8.1/Ubuntu, encryption of Ubuntu and VirtualBox

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Jan 12, 2015 at 4:49 PM
Hi all. First let me say that I have no experience whatsoever with encryption, or Linux, or dual-booting or VirtualBox.
I'm trying to achieve something, but I don't know if my plans are okay.

I would like to have Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit and Ubuntu in dual boot. Windows is on my RAIDed SSDs, and I will use my 1TB HDD for Ubuntu. From Ubuntu, I will use a VirtualBox, and I'd like the VB to leave no trace in Ubuntu (and in Windows). My plans as of now look like this :

On the HDD
  • Ubuntu is installed on partition(1). That partition(1) is ext4 and is crypted.
  • VirtualBox software is installed on partition(2). That partition(2) is ext4, is crypted and is hidden.
  • On partition(2), there is a VeraCrypt volume ( hidden and protected with double-password ) which contains the virtual disk file of the VirtualBox.
  • The rest of the HDD is partition(3) and serves only for storage. Partition(3) is NTFS, I would like it to be readable by Windows.
Is that setup possible and does it make sense ?
If somewhere in the setup I better do a full disk encryption, I'm not really bothered if my storage partition(3) is encrypted as well.
I'm posting to know if I can go for that setup and, if it suits my needs, to know in which order I should do things, and to know what I should watch out for.

My specs are : 4670K - Asus Z97 M7H - 16GB of RAM - and currently using the iGPU of my processor.
Thanks in advance !
Jan 14, 2015 at 1:19 PM

You didn't say of you Windows is going to be encrypted or not but it should be possible to combine VeraCrypt bootloader and Grub bootloader. There are resources on the internet on how to do this with TrueCrypt and the same will apply to VeraCrypt.
Also, when you say that the Ext4 partition is encrypted, you are talking about LUKS encryption or VeraCrypt encryption?