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Large Sector (4 KB Byte Sectors) Support on OS X

Topics: Feature Requests, Technical Issues
Oct 14, 2014 at 7:13 PM
TrueCrypt v7.1a on OS X refuses to mount larger hard drives (3TB +) that have been formatted with 4KB byte sectors instead of the "old standard" 512k byte sectors.

OS X itself has had support for 4KB drives since Snow Leopard was released in 2009, but TrueCrypt was never updated to include support for these type of drives.

Previously I had discovered "TrueCrypt-Lenlo" which has fixed the 4KB issue in TrueCrypt v7.1a on OS X and I would like to request that these changes be merged into a new release of VeraCrypt for OS X.

Please see the following links for more information about the pre-existing TrueCrypt modifications that allow for 4KB support.

Also please note that if you download the following file (linked from the above site) there is a .diff file that outlines what changes this developer made to the source code to allow for 4KB support.!AoNw2SRa!IOERMhoGKZ6WxNa6QMEfxxd348IyEso2hK5S-lyez0c

Oct 14, 2014 at 10:24 PM
We released 3 days ago (on October 11th) a beta version for MacOSX of VeraCrypt 1.0f that includes a fix for the large sector support. The beta installer is available on Sourceforge at the following link :

We'll update the CodePlex page to include this beta and also a Windows beta that we are preparing.

You feedback is very welcomed and don't hesitate to open a ticket on the issue tracker either here or on Sourceforge.